Privacy Policy


We composed a new Privacy Policy Statement that complies with the newly issued EU regulation General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this privacy policy we have described not only the way our company, El Kupi (in the further text “El Kupi,” “we,” “our” or “us”) collects, processes, and shares your personal information, but also your rights and obligations that this law specifies.



Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and we do our best to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the data we gather from you in the process of providing services for you. El Kupi will not, under any circumstances, save from the exceptional situations described in this Privacy Policy Statement (in the further text “Privacy Policy”), disclose your personal information or share your data with any third-party.


With the goal of preserving your information and keeping all the data private, we will protect and handle it with great care. The data you entrusted us with will only be used for providing the services we offer, and which you have subscribed to, and for other, important reasons detailed in this Privacy Policy Statement.


We will never share or disclose your information, except as necessary to provide our services, nor will we sell it, rent it or use it for any purpose or reason not previously agreed upon or described in this Privacy Policy. If the situation in which we have to do so emerges, we will give you due notice and ask for your explicit consent, which you can give or withdraw.


Aside from that, in this Privacy Policy, you’ll also find information on the choices you have when it comes to the way and volume in which we collect, use, maintain, access and share or disclose your personal information.


It’s best to read the El Kupi Privacy Policy Statement in full and get thoroughly informed about your rights and obligations. By using El Kupi services, you agree and consent to the terms set out in our Privacy Policy.




This Privacy Policy applies to our attendees, website visitors, service users, and customers, and it’s the ultimate law when it comes to the way we process and regulate, gather and disclose your data.


In situations where we, El Kupi, act as the data controller and regulate the way your data is processed, with the utmost respect for your confidentiality and rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).




When you use our Services, you must register, place payments, communicate in case of any problems or requests with our website or servers. All those actions represent information we gather. Apart from that, we also collect data on the frequency and the form of your usage, as well as some third-party data that’s accumulated through partners, accounts and other third-party sources.


The information we collect and process is:


The usage data

The usage data is generated when you use our services as a customer or just visit our website. We collect it and analyze it through our analytics tracking system. We are interested in the information on the frequency and longitude of your visits, the way, and form in which you use our services, as well as information on your location and IP address.


The account data

The account data includes information like your (full) name, email address, street address and VAT-number; in other words, the information that certifies your entry and access to our website and services. This data is vital to us because we use it to properly organize and operate our website, provide the necessary, high-quality services and maintain the high-level of security of our servers, databases, and communication.


The profile data

We collect your personal profile data, like your full name, address, etc., so we could oversee and expedite the use of our servers and services, and maintain them.


The service data

The service data includes your traffic data, generating data, as well as information about your network, applications and overall IT infrastructure. We gather this information, process it and analyze it so we could engage and provide services rendered, as well as operate and maintain our website, databases and hosting servers.


The publication data

We collect your publication data for publication, promotion, and administrative purposes.


The inquiry data

We gather the inquiry data for marketing purposes. This data is necessary to us so we could offer, upgrade, market and sell our services or upgrades of our facilities to you.


Customer relationship data

This data relates to the customer contact information, and it includes your name, personal and business address, contact details of your or your employer. In this category of data, we also include and collect the information obtained in the communication between you and us. Collecting and processing this data has a goal of maintaining an open and mutually beneficial exchange with our clients. Furthermore, we handle and analyze the data and the communication history we have stored, so we could upgrade and improve the services we offer and provide better content for you.


The transaction data

We gather the transaction data in order to keep a transparent record of all transactions and payments placed through the use of our website and servers. We record and store the data appropriately.


The notification data

We gather the notification data as well. That is the data you provide during our communication, so you can subscribe to our newsletters and email notifications. We accumulate and process this information to improve our marketing, and so we could send you more promotional material and relevant reports.


The correspondence data

The communication content and the metadata of said content is also gathered and collected to improve the communication and for record-keeping purposes.




El Kupi will never misuse your information. We will never forward classified, personal data to unauthorized third-parties or use it for any other purpose than the ones specified in this Privacy Policy. The information we collect  and process (including personal information, to the extent applicable) is used in different ways and with varying goals to:


Manage and maintain our website and servers, and, ultimately, provide Services


Advance the quality of our services and develop them further

Properly handle and execute your transactions and exchange crucial information pertaining said transactions, such as purchase and payment confirmations and invoices


Gather information on how often and in which way you visit and use our website and Services, and later analyze it. We do this so we could spot trends and activities and use it for promotional and marketing purposes.


Keep a clear and mutually beneficial communication with our clients. This relationship includes promotional and commercial discussion as well as customer service and support. We maintain the contact by sending you messages providing updates,  features, newsletters, and surveys about our Services.


Sending transactional and promotional messages, engaging with customers by responding to requests, inquiries, questions, and comments. Providing technical and customer support as well as keeping you informed via security alerts and administrative messages


Further our Services and develop them, and add new features and content that matches your preferences.

Investigate and deter fraud or any fraudulent transactions or unauthorized access to our servers or Services and any other illegal activity


Implement our Terms of Service for compliance purposes as required by pertinent laws and regulations


Adhere to legal obligations




El Kupi will never share or disclose your personal information  to a third-party without your definitive consent (excluding the terms of our Privacy Policy). The information we gather may be shared or disclosed in various ways including:


We have subsidiary companies that act as our partners or service providers that we may need to share your personal information with so they could adequately execute the services rendered. Under this category, we include all partners that implement our Services on our behalf, like third-party vendors and other service providers.


These third-party members or companies may be directly involved in the provision of services, or they may be helping us in the promotional or marketing departments. However, they are not allowed to use your personal information for any purpose other than ones explicitly stated in this Privacy Policy. They are only tasked with the processing and organizing the data.


Companies that provide us with professional advice might also get some of your data. Those include companies that organize and maintain insurance coverage, legal claims, administrative duties, financial and expert advice, etc. However, the confidentiality maintenance will still be a high priority, and the information we share will only be disclosed if reasonably necessary.


Our suppliers and subcontractors might also need some information, which will be disclosed discreetly.


Some of the personal data we gather may be shared with third-party advertising partners with whom we cooperate with, and you may see advertisements and publications that are of interest to you.


The data we gather may be shared with analytics providers, such as Google Analytics, that collect further non-identifying data.


If our company becomes a part of some business transactions, some information may be shared or transferred. Operations such as acquisitions, sales, and mergers consider the data gathered as a business asset and it will be treated as such.


Your personal data will also be shared if it is necessary to protect your consumer rights and interest. In situations when that’s necessary to comply with legal obligations to which you are the subject, or in cases of legal claims, to establish, exercise or compose a defense.




Cookies are there to enable our website to run better and smoother, but you are under no obligation to consent to them. However, it might affect the quality of your experience on our website.


Cookies are strings of text that the web server passes on to the web browser that stores it. Cookies are used for analytical and marketing purposes, and they are crucial to the functionality of the website. Cookies have a purpose if advancing the user experience and improving our websites’ performance.


El Kupi uses cookies to make your experience on our website a pleasant one, as cookies increase the levels of user-friendliness. Because the cookies identify and record users and their visits to our website, they are primarily a record of your preference as a user.


The data cookies collect isn’t personal, and it can’t be used to identify you. Some of the information the cookies gather is: your IP address, your user agent, browsing history, etc.




The legal basis for collecting, processing and storing your personal data in previously mentioned ways may depend on the personal information in question and on the context in which that data is collected.


Your data will only be gathered in cases when:


is necessary for a successful performance or provision of services rendered


the data gathering is within the guidelines and laws of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and there is a legitimate business reason to acquire and process it


we have your explicit consent to gather, process and store your personal information.


Sometimes, we also have a legal obligation to protect not only yours but also the data of other clients or third-party participants. El Kupi will defend yours and the interest of others as well. These cases may require you to disclose information not covered by our Privacy Policy.


We will always notify you if it becomes necessary for you to provide personal data, for any of the reasons not listed in this Privacy Policy. We will also be evident when stating the cause for which we need the information as well as on the fact whether the provision of information is mandatory or not.




International transfers of your personal data are possible if our company requires it, as it has service providers, subcontractors or hosting facilities outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), or in the cases where you, the client or end user require it (for colocation, data center transfer or relocation Services).


When data originated in the EEA is shared or disclosed outside of it, El Kupi will comply with the EU standard and respect contractual clauses and applicable laws and articles.


By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you are also agreeing to the possibility of your data being transferred, shared, or disclosed outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).




As long as there is a legitimate, business reason to retain and store your personal information we will do so; if you are a current user or a client if you have requested service or support or in order to comply with legal or administrative conditions.


We will not retain the data we gather and process any longer than necessary, and we will use it only for purposes and reasons stated in this Privacy Policy. If you terminate your contract with us, and the legitimate reasons are no longer credible, we will delete your information. If elimination of your data isn’t possible, we will anonymize it, so that we don’t compromise your identity.




Here is a summary of the rights you have under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you require any further information, you should fully inform yourself by reading the relevant regulations and guidelines.


You have the right to:


  • access;
  • rectification;
  • erasure;
  • restrict processing;
  • object to processing;
  • data portability;
  • complain to a supervisory authority; and
  • withdraw consent.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) states that it is your explicit right always to know what kind of data we collect and have access to it. It is within your rights to be informed of the purpose of the information gathering, all the service providers, third-party partners or subcontractors with whom your data might be shared.


You also have the right to ask for the rectification of your data, if you feel that the information we have on you is incomplete or incorrect.


You have the right to demand the complete data erasure in some cases:


– if you have terminated your contract with our company or canceled your account or El Kupi sevices, and we, therefore, no longer have a legitimate business reason to process and gather your information;


– if you object to specific rules of applicable data protection law or doubt the lawfulness of the data collection process.


There are exceptions to the right to erasure of data – if the erasure of data is compromising the exercising the right of freedom of expression and information, compliance with legal obligations or in case of legal claims.


In specific cases, you have the right to object to the processing of your data or restrict the processing of your data. If you question the accuracy of the information we collected or that we abided the rules, laws, and regulations while gathering and processing your data; if there is no longer a legitimate business reason to use your personal data.


If you don’t want your data to be used in advertisement and for marketing purposes, you also have the right to object and restrict data processing. However, in some instances, the data will be processed even without your consent – for legal reasons, protection of the rights of another party or for purposes of significant public interest.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) allows you to place a formal complaint to a supervisory authority responsible for data protection if you consider that the processing of your data breaches laws and regulations.


Finally, you also have the right to withdraw consent to your personal data being gathered and processed, at any time. However, removing your consent will not negate the lawfulness of the gathering and collecting done prior to the consent withdrawal.




We are highly devoted to the protection of your personal information. El Kupi will always maintain the integrity of the data it gatherers and safeguard it. We have reasonable measures in place so that we could execute our promises. El Kupi has taken relevant technical, administrative and physical steps to preserve the integrity and security of your data. We can ensure that there is no misuse, loss or unauthorized access to your data.


We are taking full advantage of the privacy-enhancing technologies available with the goal of safeguarding your information.


Additionally, all our partner service providers are under obligation to provide the same high-level safety measures while dealing with our client data.


We protect your privacy, the security, and integrity of the data we collect and process. That is why, in certain situations, you may need to verify your identity before you remove, rectify or access your information. This verification may occur periodically and any information obtained this way will be stored by our data storage protocol. The verification is necessary for instances of data backup or disaster recovery purposes.


In certain situations, you may not be able to access, rectify or erase your information. For instance, you will not be able to do so if such requests restrain our ability to adhere to data protection or any other laws and regulations, make or defend any legal claims, investigate potential fraudulent transactions. Also in situations where the access, rectification or erasure of your data threatens the disclosure of third-party data or results in a breach of contract.




Because of the concern of the European data authorities over the unlimited publication of personal data of domain name registrants in the WHOIS, we have implemented some changes in our Privacy Policy, so our WHOIS output is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Existing Domain Names:


  • GDPR WHOIS Protection – if Registrant, Admin, Tech and/or Billing contact is recognized as being from the EU, we will mask the personal information
  • Privacy Protection – the contact details will still be visible in the WHOIS output; as part of the privacy protection, users can get emails like domain sale inquiries

New Domain Registrations, Renewals, and Transfers


  • The existing user contact data will be used for any transfers or new domain registrations
  • The personal information in the WHOIS output is protected for free
  • We will always mask the WHOIS data for EU customers, whether or not they have Privacy Protection enabled


However, your WHOIS data cannot be masked in all situations and will be revealed if necessary to comply with laws and regulations or to protect the integrity of the data or your interest.




El Kupi services are not designed or meant to be used by children under sixteen (16) years of age. We will not intentionally gather, process or store any data about persons under the age of sixteen.




There is a possibility or infrequent changes being made in this privacy policy statement, so make sure to check back from time to time. Changes might be made due to customer feedback, specific changes in Services or server protocols or to comply with any potential changes in data protection laws and regulations.


In such cases where essential changes are made, El Kupi will ensure that all clients and users are notified in due time, whether by providing a newsletter notification, an announcement or a public notice on our website.


Other means of intermediate communication will be used to notify you in cases of specific changes in our data gathering, processing, and storage protocol. You’ll be told if the changes affect your data privacy and integrity so you could choose between granting or withdrawing your consent.




If you have any doubts or questions or have a need for clarification of certain aspects of our Privacy Policy Statement, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do so via:



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